The Meg (2018)

Plot: A Megalodon, thought to be extinct, a 75-foot long shark, attacks a submersible deep in the sea. Jonas Taylor is brought in to rescue the crew trapped and save the ocean from this deadly prehistoric shark.  Director: Jon Turteltaub Starring: Jason Statham, Ruby Rose, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Jessica McNamee, Cliff Curtis I recently read something that got me thinking. Megalodons are … Continue reading The Meg (2018)

Shimmer Lake (2017)

Plot: The film follows a small town sheriff who is tracking three bank robbers, one of whom is his own brother. The film starts at the end and works its way back to the start of the story. Director: Oren Uziel Starring: Rainn Wilson, Adam Pally, Stephanie Sigman, Benjamin Walker, Wyatt Russell, Ron Livingston, Rob Corddry, John Michael … Continue reading Shimmer Lake (2017)