T@gged: Season 1 & 2 (2016 – 2017)

Plot: Ex-best friends are reunited when they’re tagged in an online video that shows a murder. 

Created By: Hannah Macpherson

Starring: Timothy Granaderos, Lulu Antariksa, Katelyn Nacon, Lukas Gage, Emma Dumont


You know those TV shows or movies that are so bad but in a good way? It’s so trashy yet you can’t stop watching, that’s how I feel about Tagged. It’s terrible but in a great way. It’s unrealistic got some questionable actors and the storyline is quite stupid but it’s so much fun to watch. There are certain characters that are really likeable and have actual problems that you can relate to but the story just takes away any seriousness about it. That’s not a bad thing though. Going into this show, you know it’s not going to be a cinematic masterpiece because it’s just an online TV show with each episode lasting around 20 minutes.

It has a lot of similarities to Pretty Little Liars so if you liked that show then I can recommend Tagged. This show often gets super dark with some of its storylines. There’s death, there’s depression, there’s bullying. However, I feel because it’s quite unrealistic it lightens the mood a bit.


Timothy Granaderos plays rapist Monty in 13 Reasons Why and honestly I’d recommend watching the show just for him because he’s amazing in it. For me, he’s the best part. He plays a great character and really likeable. I hate him so much in 13 Reasons Why so it was nice to see him play such a kind character, it really showcases his acting abilities.


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