Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)

Plot: Sierra teams up with a popular student to win the heart of a high school crush.

Director: Ian Samuels

Starring: Noah Centineo, Shannon Purser, Kristine Froseth, RJ Cyler, Chrissy Metz, Will Peltz


On the surface, it’s a film that all teens and young adults will love because it’s entertaining, predictable and it’s a romance film based in a high school. It’s got all the formulas for a teenage girly night in. However, if you read into what the film is actually depicting which is a teenage girl faking her identity to get the boy she likes. Well, first of all, that’s catfishing and second of all, there’s a scene where she tells the guy to close his eyes and she kisses him and he thinks it’s someone else that’s kissing him. I can’t help but think if the roles were reversed if he kissed a girl and she thought it was someone else then the consequences could be massive because in both cases there is a kiss without consent.



Sierra ends up getting the boy, obviously, after he finds out the truth and he comes round to the idea of being with her instead. I guess it gives out a great representation of a female character being herself and being able to get what she wants but there are still so many flaws. Personally, Sierra didn’t deserve a happy ending, not in my eyes. She lied the entire time about who she was, she leads a boy on, she did everything wrong but still got what she wanted.

It’s a film so you can’t look too much into what it does wrong, it’s not serious but in this day an age with all the catfishing that goes on, it’s hard not to and I feel this film now promotes catfishing. More people might now believe that if they catfish someone they’ll still end up with them because by the time they find out it’ll be too late. It’s still wrong. I do believe this film is harmful in some ways but if I look lightly at it, it’s entertaining and I can’t help love the cast because I’ve seen them all in other shows that I love. People should watch the film but just don’t take it too seriously.


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