I Am Paul Walker (2018)

Paramount documentary about the late great Paul Walker. An intimate insight into his life and personality through interviews with his family and closest friends. Utterly heartbreaking. 

For me, Paul Walker’s death was the first Hollywood death to hit me hard. I was too young to remember Heath Ledger’s but I was 16 when Paul Walker died. As a massive fan of The Fast and Furious franchise, I remember waking up and going downstairs. I still remember it like it was yesterday. My father asked me if I’d heard who’d died from The Fast and Furious movies and from that moment, I knew I was going to be upset, whoever it was because I adored the films. He then told me who and I went upstairs to have a look online. When I realised it was real I began to cry. I cried for his family and his family on the films. I was devastated.

The documentary, released five years on, was still difficult to watch. If you can get through it without crying then are you sure you’re human? Starting with home videos of Paul’s 15th birthday we get a glimpse into the young actor’s life before he became a superstar. At a young age, he began acting, he then became a father at 21 to his daughter Meadow, who was 15 at the time of his death. We’re introduced to his mother, father, uncle, brothers and sister, as well as some longtime friends.

Everything I thought I knew about Paul was confirmed in this beautiful story. Everybody who knew him loved him. He was all about helping others, even if it meant risking his own life. He put so much kindness into this world and then he was snatched from us too soon. What’s even harder to accept is he wanted to give up acting years ago but he kept saying “just one more, this is the last one.” However, he could never walk away and that saddens me because he just wanted to settle down and have a quiet life with his daughter and he never got the chance. He never got to experience life after his movies and just live happily with his daughter.

After living with her mother in Hawaii for 13 years, Meadow decided to go and live with her father in 2011. With his death in 2013, she only got two years with him and in that time, he was still making movies. It feels as if they were ripped of their time together and it’s unfair.

The documentary gets hard when they start to discuss the day of his death and the events leading up to it, including what they had planned that night. His family were crying and it was breaking my heart. I felt like an intruder because it’s their grief and I’m watching it. It didn’t feel right but for them to do this and share it with the world is extraordinary. As a fan, I’m thankful I got to see this documentary and meet his family.

He was taken far too soon and it’s completely unfair. Anyone who was a fan of his will miss him forever. He did so much good for this world, he deserved better! I’ll miss his unforgettable smile and his bright blue eyes.

If you’re a fan of his then please do watch the documentary! If you’re looking for more of his films to watch then I can recommend Into The Blue which is a really fitting role for Paul as he was a lover of the ocean and he spent most of his time in the water in this film. I’d also recommend Hours where he delivers his finest performance ever. These are my favourite films of his outside of the Fast franchise.



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