The First Purge (2018)

Plot: The new founding fathers of America test a new social experiment to try and solve their crime and violence problems. They choose one unlucky and isolated community to take part in this experiment. The fate of the rest of the world lies in this brutal 12-hour experiment.

Director: Gerard McMurray

Starring: Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Marisa Tomei, Joivan Wade, Lauren Vélez

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 18.12.43

Character Skeletor carries this film. He’s the main attraction and if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t have been anything interesting or exciting about this film. He’s a character that’s scary looking because he has scars all over his face and he has brutal and deathly outbursts. As it’s the first purge, naturally nobody really participates. Skeletor is the first person to take a life on this fateful night. He’s the first one to get stuck in. Everyone else in this community does what anyone would do if crime was legal, steal things and vandalise shops, not murder. That’s what I liked about the film, its realistic depiction of how people would act if this ludicrous scenario was to be factored into the world. I refuse to believe that everyone would just become murderers, that’s a huge thing.



Numbers weren’t adding up for this to be a success, meaning that the government were losing out on a substantial amount of money because they promised to pay people to take part in the purge. The government needed this night to be a success. The film restored my faith in humanity because it was technically a failed experiment. That is until the government got involved and sent in army members with a strict order to murder anyone they can. The numbers then began to rise and the experiment became a success. Thus, the rest of the country would now face this awful night every year for the foreseeable future.

It’s the weakest of the four films but I’m thankful it got made. I’ve always wanted to see where it all started. The film starts slow but it didn’t really have a choice because it needed to build the foundation and show audiences how the purge first became an option.


Personally, the film got better for me when the violence started. If this film was brought out before all the others it would have been amazing but because I’ve seen the others, I was just desperate for some intensity and that came a lot later than usual in this instalment.


Was it necessary? Probably not but I was entertained and even though it was very slow to start with, I got into it once the pace picked up and the characters are not all terrible which means investing your time into them isn’t a complete waste. Will there be another purge film? Probably, this one has already grossed the same amount as film number two and it’s close to surpassing film number three. I don’t want them to do anymore because I think people will get bored and I don’t want to ruin how much fun these films have been. I am however, super excited for the TV show which focuses on the time between the purges. This will be really interesting to see.

The Purge TV show will premiere on the 4th of September.


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