Good Girls (2018)

Plot: Three women band together and vow to take control over their lives again. They do this by holding up a local grocery store in an attempt to steal $30,000. However, their lives are quickly turned upside down as they’re dragged into a deeper world of crime. Will they find a way out?

Director: Jenna Bans

Starring: Mae Whitman, Retta, Christina Hendricks, Manny Montana, Reno Wilson, Matthew Lillard

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.06.49

Desperate Housewives meets Breaking Bad. A female dominated Ozark. Basically, there are a lot of shows with this premise but there is nothing quite like this. Innocent suburban housewives are pushed to their limits in this comedy-drama. What would you do to protect your kids and provide a safe and stable home environment?

Would you clean dirty money for a drug cartel? Because that’s what these women do and I don’t blame them one bit. Sometimes you have to go to extremes when you’re desperate. These women are desperate and they’re desperate for money. The quickest way to get it is through drug money.

Beth does it because her husband had an affair and spends his money on his barbie doll of a lover, meaning they almost lose their home as he fails to pay their mortgage payments. Annie does it because her ex is fighting her for custody of their daughter Sadie. She needs money to hire a good lawyer. Ruby does it because her daughter is sick and she needs money to pay for the medical bills.

In their heads, these are legit reasons to do what they’re doing. Who can blame them? Haven’t you ever dreamed of robbing a store and getting away with it? We’ve all had these thoughts when we’re desperate.

I feel like these women are going through a midlife crisis and that’s why they’re making all these terrible but entertaining decisions. They like to think what they’re doing is for a good cause but I don’t think they actually realise how bad their decisions are or what the repercussions will be if they’re found out. Watching them make these decisions is fun and it gives you fantastic escapism from your own life. There’s nothing more entertaining than watching people mess up their lives on TV.

Good Girls is available on Netflix now and there are only 10 episodes so get bingeing. If you’re looking for something fun and easygoing then this is for you! It’s a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and you’ll find yourself laughing.

2 thoughts on “Good Girls (2018)

  1. intenttowin says:

    I think these storylines are so popular because they demonstrate that no matter how desperate people get once they start down that slope it is very hard to get back out and they can still usually lose everything important anyway IE Walter White-Breaking Bad.

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