Every Day (2018)

Plot: Teenager Rhiannon falls in love with A, someone who wakes up in a different body every day. Never the same person, always the same age.

Director: Michael Sucsy

Starring: Debby Ryan, Lucas Jade Zumann, Angourie Rice, Owen Teague, Colin Ford.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.25.18

Imagine falling in love with someone who will be completely different every 24 hours. It’s got to be tough, right? They become all different variations of people, you have no idea who they’re going to be or where they’re going to be next. It’s bound to take its toll on a relationship. It’s not practical either is it, especially if they stay the same age.

There are a few plot holes that were quite annoying. A has an Instagram account which he/she can access in every new body he/she enters. This is how he/she communicates with Rhiannon. However, in one scene Rhiannon rings A and I’m pretty certain you can’t ring people on Instagram. Then on another occasion she contacts A on Reddit, not I’m no expert but can you contact people on Reddit? I’ve never used it before.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 12.25.03

What I love about the film is the serious message it gives. You can fall in love with absolutely anyone in this world. Whether they’re the same sex as you or not, whatever colour, shape or size. We can be attracted to anyone and nobody should feel ashamed of their feelings, not ever. I thought it was a very powerful message.

Even though the film felt quite repetitive and not a lot happens, it’s easy going. There never feels like there is a mid-point either which is a bit disjointing. However, it’s a good film with a strong message. It’s not a great film but it is a very different film so I feel that in itself is why people should watch it.


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