Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 (2017-2018)

Plot: The medical staff at Grey Sloan Memorial continue to deal with different patients on a day to day basis, whilst also exploring their personal lives.

Created By: Shonda Rhimes

Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew, James Pickens Jr., Kevin McKidd, Jesse Williams.


How is this show still as good as it is? Not a single episode went past in this season where I felt bored or disinterested in the story. Grey’s Anatomy is one of the few shows that air over 20 episodes per season and I’m not frustrated by it. Usually shows like this are dragged out and boring, but not Grey’s. Its been a long season and a lot has happened.


Owen’s sister comes back and then she leaves again, along with the guy Meredith was seeing. Jo finally faces up to her abusive ex-husband and gets the justice she deserves. Miranda has a heart attack in what was a really emotional episode. April loses her faith and herself. All the staff accidentally get high at an important conference in one hilarious episode. Alex comes face to face with his mum again and April practically dies. Have I missed anything? Oh yeah, there are three weddings and two departures. I think I’ve covered everything now.

It’s been hectic but again, there have been tears and laughter. The finale episode was one of my favourites because it’s so funny throughout. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was a great episode and a really nice heartwarming way to end the season. Ooh, the cliffhanger, Teddy returns and she’s pregnant and it’s obviously Owen’s. I don’t like this storyline. I was secretly rooting for Owen and Amelia to get back together. I’m not a fan of Teddy so I’m a bit gutted by this storyline.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 14.12.36

I’m so thankful Jo and Alex finally got married. Its been a long time coming and they’re the two most deserving characters to get this happiness. April and Arizona leaving has devastated me. I love those characters and I’m going to miss them dearly but they’re off on a happy note so I couldn’t have asked for a better send-off for two beloved characters. Hopefully, we’ll see them again one day, even if it’s just in passing.


I’m excited to see what the next season brings. Are we going to be introduced to new characters now we’ve lost two? Is Jo going to accept her job offer and leave Grey Sloan and what will Teddy do about the baby?


2 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy: Season 14 (2017-2018)

  1. intenttowin says:

    I wish the person who plays Teddy would have stayed on Designated Survivor. She was working well with Keifer Sutherland and I hate the way she just keeps showing up so self-righteous in Grey’s Anatomy. She didn’t want Owen and now this will be another chance for him to be miserable. Give the guy a break!

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