The Royals: Season 4 (2018)

Plot: Will King Robert’s secrets and lies be exposed?

Created By: Mark Schwahn

Starring: Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park, William Moseley, Tom Austen, Jake Maskall, Max Brown.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.46.01


This season has seen much change in regards to the previous seasons. I feel the most development has occurred this season. Its had a very different feel to it in comparison to previous seasons, which has sometimes been a good thing but has also sometimes been a bit of a bad thing.

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One development I loved this season was the relationship between Eleanor and Jasper. We’ve been going backwards and forwards between these two for years now but this time, they were solid. After Jasper gets shot in the opening episode, it brings them both back together, this time stronger than ever. There are some scenes in this season where you can really see the love between these characters, it’s so strong, their chemistry is undeniable. It’s been a real treat seeing them get to the place they’re in now and it’s about time they both found happiness.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.46.26

As for Liam, I haven’t really felt a connection with him this time. He’s always been my favourite character, until this season. He just seemed very absent, he rarely had scenes with his family. I don’t know whether William Mosely had other commitments which is why he wasn’t really around but I missed him. I missed scenes between him and Eleanor, they’ve always been such close brother and sister, yet they felt so far apart.

Robert is so annoying. He’s so evil and cunning and I really wanted him to get his comeuppance in the finale. However, the finale was a let down for me. I thought Robert would finally get whats coming to him but it was very anti-climactic. He’s still getting away with everything. I just want him gone. I hate the dynamic he brings to the show. I preferred the show before he came into it.


The finale episode also left us with a few surprises. Kathryn is pregnant but who’s the dad? Is it Liam or Roberts? I’m not a fan of Kathryn so this storyline is annoying. Eleanor and Jasper kinda sorta get engaged and I would love to see a Jaspeanor wedding, that would be an incredible episode.

Violet returns which I’m happy about. I think it’ll be good for Cyrus. The finale left a lot of things up in the air. It certainly didn’t feel like a finale for me, I was very gutted when it finished. Season five still hasn’t been confirmed so if it gets cancelled nothing will be resolved. Overall, I enjoyed the season. There are some brilliant moments so I do hope it gets renewed, I want things to eventually get back to normal in the Palace.


One thought on “The Royals: Season 4 (2018)

  1. intenttowin says:

    Getting back to normal is the death sentence for any story. Happiness = Boredom. You have to have a little happiness mixed in but it is the disasters that keep us watching.


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