American Satan (2017)

Plot: A group of young hopefuls from England and the US move to the sunset strip to chase their dreams.

Director: Ash Avildsen

Starring: Andy Biersack, Olivia Culpo, Drake Bell, Booboo Stewart, Jamie Bernadette, Denise Richards.


What a weird film. It started off relatively normal and then it just spiralled and went very crazy by the end.

I really liked the main character at the start, he was sweet and lovely. He was very cute with his mother and girlfriend but then he moved to LA and got into the wrong crowd. He starts doing heroin and cheats on his girlfriend. It didn’t take much either to get onto the drugs. He was handed the heroin and was like “ok” there wasn’t peer pressure and that just felt stupid. He seemed sensible at the start so his character development felt very unrealistic.

It’s not a film I’d see again nor would recommend. There are some scenes in this film involving nudity that you’ll never be able to un-see. I don’t know why someone made this film.


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