The Chalet: Season 1 (2018)

Plot: A group of friends gather in a chalet in a tiny isolated town. When a boulder falls and smashes the only bridge into the town, they’re stranded with no way out of the village. When the friends start being picked off one by one, it becomes a deadly fight for survival and a dark secret from the past threatens to come to light.

Created By: Alexis Lecaye, Camille Bordes-Resnais

Starring: Chloé Lambert, Philippe Dusseau, Blanche Veisberg.


One of the things I love about Netflix is all its foreign dramas. If it wasn’t for Netflix I wouldn’t be watching them because I wouldn’t know that they exist. There are hundreds of foreign films and shows on Netflix and a lot of them are fantastic. The Chalet is a fantastic show. It’s a French drama with so much depth that you mustn’t look away from your screen in case you miss anything.

With just six episodes, this bingeable drama will draw you in and keep you on your toes. It’s sensationally chilling. Every episode was dramatic and it keeps you guessing. The location is beautiful but haunting at the same time. This thriller holds a dark secret. The story is non-linear so you’re handed parts of the story in a different order and it keeps you hooked.


You know when you read a book and you can’t put it down. That was me but with this show. I watched all six episodes without taking a break because I was dying to see it all unfold. The only flaw the show has, for me, was the number of characters there was. There was a lot and in the first few episodes, I was feeling a little overwhelmed because I couldn’t keep up with who everyone was. However, by episode five, after a few people had been killed off, I remembered who people were.

I would definitely recommend this show to any thriller fan. There are twists and there are turns and there’s a very satisfying outcome. It’s one of the best TV shows I’ve seen this year. It’s got one hell of a story.


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