Masters Of Sex (2013-2016)

Plot: William Masters and Virginia Johnson work together to research the science of human sexuality which catapults them to fame. Based on the true story and book of the same name.

Created By: Michelle Ashford

Starring: Lizzy Caplan, Michael Sheen, Caitlin FitzGerald, Annaleigh Ashford, Teddy Sears, Beau Bridges, Allison Janney.

Episode 104

I didn’t think I’d like this show as much as I did, I was so hooked and obsessed straight away. I loved all the characters. The development with each and every one of them was done carefully and precisely.

At first, I felt Bill came across a little creepy wanting to experiment with Virginia in the bedroom in order to progress his research in his study, as she’s an employee and not to mention he’s married. What’s more shocking was the fact that she accepted even though she knew he was married. Bill’s wife was a very entertaining character and I don’t think she deserved to be treated the way she was by Bill.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.55.04

I think the way Libby was treated by Bill sent her on a path of destruction which later lead to her finding herself. Libby was the most intriguing character for me, the most developed. She discovers Bill’s affair with Virginia but because they have three kids together she decides to sacrifice her own happiness and stay with him anyway. She never tells him she knows and just lets him carry on behind her back. A really weird scene occurred in season three when Libby decided to let on to Virginia that she knew about her and bill and they sort of made a pact. That was actually quite sad, Libby deserved so much more.


In season two she became so bored with her own life that she started to control the maid’s life. She became obsessed with Coral and did some very strange things. However, meeting Coral lead to Libby having a sliver of happiness when she met Coral’s brother and they embarked upon an affair. Finally, she was getting some attention.

Libby had more than one affair during her marriage to Bill and to be honest, I don’t blame her. She could have left him at any time but she didn’t want to destroy her family. It was very admirable. Seeing Libby find herself and realise she deserves so much happiness in season four made me an incredibly happy viewer.She finally stood up for herself and started to put herself first for the first time in her life.


Season two also showed Bill and Virginia getting closer. Throughout the first season it was just sex for the study but in the second season, you begin to see that they actually care for one another. They start to open up about personal things with each other.

I liked Virginia to start with but in season three and four she became something I didn’t like. She was controlling and most of the time wasn’t a nice person. I really went off her, I think the power of her job went to her head.


In season three I kind of wanted Virginia to get back with her ex-husband, George. He showed another side to himself, a caring side and he was so sweet. I’ve never been a massive fan of Bill and Virginia, their relationship has always been quite turbulent.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.58.17

Season three saw the most change in the series as Virginia’s children and Bill and Libby’s children had bigger roles. I liked that they were more involved and had bigger roles in this season. They added a new dynamic to the show which took me a while to get used to but ultimately, I enjoyed it.

The gorilla storyline was a bit too much for me, it was bizarre and weird and frankly, quite disturbing. I’m glad that didn’t turn into anything more and dragged out over the course of a few episodes.

Season four was entertaining and sadly, this was the final season. I would have liked more season’s but the way it ended was quite satisfying. There are still a lot of loose ends that need tying up but I can cope with that. Thankfully it didn’t end on a major cliffhanger.

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.51.10

Overall this is one of the best acted and written TV shows I have ever seen. It’s sublime. Michael Sheen is someone I have admired for a long time, he’s extremely talented and he’s what attracted me to the show in the first place. I’ve seen a lot of movies starring Lizzy Caplan but this is the most different I’ve seen her and I think the character she played really showed off what she is capable of. I’m in awe of her. The talent displayed across this entire cast was just sensational. I really enjoyed this TV show and the journey it took me on.


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