Status Update (2018)

Plot: After a teenager discovers a magical app that makes his social updates come true, he uses it to better his life.

Director: Scott Speer

Starring: Ross Lynch, Olivia Holt, Courtney Eaton, Brec Bassinger, Gregg Sulkin.


I really enjoyed this film, I got lost in it and that’s unusual with teen movies like this but it completely took me away from my own life. The characters were interesting and likeable. It is predictable but sometimes you need to watch a predictable easy going movie every now and again.

It was quite refreshing seeing Ross Lynch in a settling role as the last film I’d seen him in was My Friend Dahmer. These two films prove how versatile he is at such a young age as well. I think he’s definitely someone to look out for in the future. I think he’s fantastic so can’t wait to see him in something else.


The film has loads of energy. There’s a scene where the whole school begin to sing and dance to Bruno Mars and it’s so much fun to watch. A bit cheesy but who doesn’t like a bit of cheese every now and then?

It’s definitely a must watch for teenagers and young adults. It’s enjoyable and entertaining. It will make you smile. It’s a feel-good movie. The concept is interesting as well, it might seem silly but it was a great concept, in my opinion.


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