London Has Fallen (2016)

Plot: The world’s most powerful leaders gather in London for the British Prime Minister’s funeral. Terrorists perform a deadly attack on the city attempting to kill the world’s leaders. Will they succeed?

Director: Babak Najafi

Starring: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell, Charlotte Riley.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.11.23

What’s great about this film is you kind of imagine it happening in real life and what that would do to the world. It makes you feel like more of a participant in the events happening in the film which heightens the viewing experience. If this did happen then essentially, it would mark the start of the end of the world. The world would be in chaos. Hopefully, all the leaders in the world will never get together because I don’t think it’d end well.

The film starts off quite slow. The build-up to the funeral is too dragged out. It felt like I was waiting forever for something to happen. However, when it did kick off, the drama and intensity didn’t let up until the end. It’s one of those films that doesn’t slow down. It’s exciting and entertaining. Films that take real life situations and put a deadly spin on them are really fun to watch.


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