Holidays (2016)

Plot: Horror anthology film where nine filmmakers create stories revolving around the different holidays that take place in a year. These holidays include Valentine’s Day, Saint Patricks Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve.

Director: Kevin Smith, Gary Shore, Matt Johnson, Scott Stewart, Nicholas McCarthy, Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch, Sarah Adina Smith, Anthony Scott Burns

Starring: Kevin Smith, Lorenza Izzo, Seth Green, Scott Stewart, Jocelin Donahue, Ruth Bradley.

Each segment of this film lasts around 10-15 minutes and each one follows a story which revolves around one of the holidays. Each story is completely different from the other bringing entertainment, gore and the shock factor. Below I talk about each short film segment separately. Some being better than others.

Valentine’s Day

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 15.33.09

Maxine is getting bullied at school. One of the mean girls picking on her pushes her into a pool where she nearly drowns. However, she is saved by the coach who she has a crush on. Feeling sorry for Maxine, the coach decides to give her a Valentine’s Day card, unbeknown to him, her feelings. Maxine becomes joyous and later turns up at the coaches house with a very sinister gift.

I loved this episode. It was a great opener to the film. I liked that the girl took what was said on the card so literal because it was aperfect portrayal of the character. She’s already vulnerable because she’s getting bullied so the coach, who is in a position of trust, giving her a card gave her false hope that someone liked her. The card said something like “give me your heart” so she goes out of her way to make that happen and as you can imagine this being a horror film, things get bloody and dark and very twisted towards the end of this segment.

Saint Patricks Day


A very twisted story of a woman becoming pregnant with a snake. As she’s always wanted to have a baby she decides to keep the snake and actually give birth to it. It’s a very strange story but it worked. It creeped me out and disgusted me and that’s why I loved it, it provoked a reaction out of me. There were some very sinister moments in this story, I really enjoyed it.



Probably the scariest of all the short stories. Easter tells the tale of a little girl on the night before Easter. The Easter Bunny has arrived at the house and she has the pleasure of meeting him. Unfortunately for her, the bunny isn’t white, cute and fluffy. Instead, he looks like a monster. He looks like a disgusting scary creature. If I saw that in my living room I’d have a heart-attack.

What I love about this story is it takes childhood memories of what the Easter Bunny looks like and completely tramples all over them. It completely changes everything. There’s a scene in this short that I had to look away from. The bunny takes the little girls finger and presses it into an open wound that he has on his stomach. It was revolting but another great short story.

Mother’s Day

Katie can’t stop getting pregnant. Every time she has sex, she gets pregnant and therefore she’s had over 20 abortions. She attends a retreat in order to get help but ends up being a part of a group of witches who want her to carry their child. When Katie goes into labour, the witches stand around and wait only to be petrified when they see what’s coming out of her.

I didn’t enjoy this segment as much as the other three. I didn’t really like any of the characters and the story was annoying.

Father’s Day

Carol receives a mysterious package from her father whom she hasn’t seen for many years. In the package is a cassette player, she plays it and listens. The recording is her father’s voice telling her where to go so she follows his instructions.

I didn’t like this story, I found it very boring and not much happened. It was just about a girl being angry at her mother for lying to her about her father dying. There wasn’t really anything dark about this story and with all the previous stories being dark and twisted, this one just didn’t hit it with me.



Another sickening story comes in this segment when a man who runs an internet sex service and abuses his employees, finally meets his makers. After he attempts to rape Bree, the girls decide to take revenge on him in a really sick and twisted way. I’m not going to say what they did because my mum reads my blog but let’s just say, it’s a very uncomfortable end for the guy.

As much as he deserves what he gets, I do think the girls take it too far. It did make a really entertaining short film though and I really enjoyed it, especially after the previous story being a bit of a letdown.


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 15.34.42

Pete wants to buy his son virtual glasses for Christmas but is unfortunately late to the shop and another guy beats him to it and takes the last ones. When this guy suddenly has a heart-attack, Pete can help him but instead decides not to and lets the man die so that he can take the glasses. When you put these glasses on it reveals the real you. Pete and his wife think they know each other, that is until they both wear the glasses and dark secrets come spilling out.

I really enjoyed this story because it depicts a normal marriage but also another side to it which is very twisted. It shows that you never truly know a person. It was really entertaining and exciting to watch.

New Years Eve


A very bloody end to the film sees a man who had already killed his date, go on another date with a girl who he found on a dating app. When they get back to hers he goes to freshen up in the bathroom, unbeknown to her that he’s about to kill her too. However, she’s one step ahead of him and rushes in with an axe ready to kill him first. When the New Year comes in, the girl can be seen dancing with her axe. A very thrilling ending, which was a great watch. So much drama and so much blood.

Out of all the segments, there were only two that I didn’t like so it was pretty good going. It’s really exciting seeing different filmmakers come together to tell stories in an unconventional way. This is an extraordinary film that all horror fans should watch. It often felt experimental and I think it’s an experiment that paid off.


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