Seven Seconds: Season 1 (2018)

Plot: A white police officer in Jersey City critically injures a black teenager.

Created By: Veena Sud

Starring: David Lyons, Beau Knapp, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Regina King, Raúl Castillo, Michelle Veintimilla, Russell Hornsby, Michael Mosley.


Probably the most frustrating TV show I have ever watched. It’s so hard not to get so invested in these characters and their stories because they’re so likeable. The emotion in this show is sublime. These actors and actresses really pull you in and grip you. Their performances were incredible.

I have one main issue with the show and that is the pacing. It was quite diabolical. The show didn’t get good until episode four and shows should be able to hook you from the first episode. Even though I became fully invested in episode four, there were still moments in later episodes where I lost interest because it was moving too slowly.


However, I still enjoyed my experience watching the show. It’s very current and relevant to times right now. It depicts race problems, homophobic problems and it completely takes you on a rollercoaster. I was so upset with the outcome in the finale episode but I knew it was going to happen and it’s so realistic because that’s exactly what happens in real life. It’s just insanely upsetting. I often wanted to shout at the screen. These cops get away with everything and they killed two kids. I’m so mad about it but that’s what makes this show good, you don’t get a happy ending, nobody gets what they deserve and that’s real life. Nothing in this show was glamorised and that’s rare to find these days.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.50.08

KJ, the main character, really annoyed me for at least half of the season, it took me a while to warm to her. She didn’t really let her guard down until later episodes, she always seemed so cold and heartless, especially at the start but then she slowly started to show a softer side to her and I liked that side.


Fish, who is the police officer working with KJ, the only good cop in this show, was a pleasure to watch. He was my favourite character, I found myself really rooting for him, he had a really bad time of it across these 10 episodes. I felt really sorry for him at times.

It’s probably going to be the most frustrating show of the year but you still need to see it because it is also the most timely show of the year. I don’t think it could have come at a better time. It will run you through all the emotions.


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