Good Behavior: Season 2 (2017)

Plot: Following on from events in the first season Letty, Javier and Letty’s son, Jacob, are on the run from the FBI.

Created By: Chad Hodge

Starring: Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, Lusia Strus, Terry Kinney.


Another really good season, well executed. A lot of the season focused on Letty, Javier and Jacob as a threesome, that’s something we don’t see all that often but I liked seeing that and the dynamic it created. Those three fit well together and seeing them together made me want them to get a happy ending. Unfortunately, this being a TV drama, there’s going to be a lot of hurdles and mishaps before they get a happy ending.

The second season involved Letty spiralling out of control once again, getting off her face on drink and drugs. The episode where she is getting high with a bunch of guys was a really good episode. It was a lot of fun to watch and it was done really well.

I also really enjoyed the episode where we’re introduced to Letty’s grandmother, the one who taught her everything she knows now. That episode was great for character development.

The finale episode took a real deep turn, I wasn’t expecting that to happen and I’m still not sure how I feel about it now that it has happened but it made for a very eventful episode and I’m happy with how they ended the season. The show hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet. I am hoping they bring it back because I’m not ready to let go of Letty and Javier just yet but if it does get cancelled, it wasn’t left on a major cliffhanger so it wouldn’t be too frustrating.

Overall, I’m really happy with where this show went in its second season. I like where the characters are heading and the changes some of them made. Another season would be exciting.

An entertaining second season!

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