Every Secret Thing (2015)

Plot: A 3-year-old girl goes missing when two young females are released from custody after committing a horrific crime.

Director: Amy J. Berg

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, Danielle Macdonald.


Kind of slow but really interesting and gripping. I couldn’t turn it off because I needed to know who took the little girl or what happened to her. It’s a really chilling film. The little girls at the beginning of the film are so creepy. There was something about them that sent a shiver down my spine.

I love Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Banks, they’re the main reason I watched this film. They both deliver stunning performances. It’s a bit like Prisoners, only this version is more focused on female characters.

If you love good mystery dramas, then I’d definitely recommend this film. Even though it starts off quite slow, it gets very intense and it delivers some shocking and twisted moments.

Chilling and entertaining!


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