Escape Room (2017)

Plot: A group of friends attend an escape room, in the hopes of making it out before the time runs out. What starts off as a fun game of finding the clues, soon turns into a deadly fight for survival.

Director: Will Wernick

Starring: Annabelle Stephenson, Billy Flynn, Evan Williams, Elisabeth Hower.

The concept really excited me because I have been to an escape room before, more than one, in fact, and I really enjoyed them. I wanted to watch this film because I wanted it to put me off going to an escape room ever again, or at least scare me for when I next go. Unfortunately, none of that happened. It didn’t scare me, it was a bit of a silly concept because the guy running the escape room could have let the group of friends out at any point. As soon as the cameras went dead, he should have gone and let them out but he didn’t for a really stupid and unrealistic reason.

It was actually quite terrible. I didn’t get any attachment to the characters which made the viewing time unbearable. I didn’t care about any of them which made me not care for any of them dying. I wouldn’t recommend this film to my worse enemy.



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