M.F.A (2017)

Plot: After the accidental death of her rapist, an art student decides to take matters into her own hands and seek out justice.

Director: Natalia Leite

Starring: Francesca Eastwood, Michael Welch, Clifton Collins Jr.


I like to watch films that are different and you could say this one is very different from your conventional, typical mainstream film. It’s gritty and harrowing. It doesn’t shy away, it can be quite explicit. It focuses rape and what that can do to a person. How it changes a person. It’s quite hard-hitting with some tough scenes. The rape scenes, in particular, are obviously hard to watch and I will warn you now, there is more than one.

Francesca Eastwood, who plays the main character, delivers an outstanding performance. She’s incredible. I’ve never seen her in anything before but I feel like I will be seeing her in a lot from now on.

The film is kind of predictable and kind of not at the same time. There are certain things you will see coming but then there are also be bits that happen, that will shock you. If you’re up for a challenge, then I’d say watch this film but pick out something light-hearted to watch after it because you will need it. You will need cheering up after this film.

An enjoyable hard-hitting film!


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