#Realityhigh (2017)

Plot: Dani keeps to herself in school, that is until she is befriended by a mean but popular high school girl. At first, she likes the attention but this girl has an ulterior motive.

Director: Fernando Lebrija

Starring: Nesta Cooper, Keith Powers, Alicia Sanz, Kate Walsh, John Michael Higgins.

I only watched this film because it was on Netflix and I was bored, it was quite entertaining. It’s nothing amazing. It follows high school students navigating their way through mean girls and falling in love. If you’re into high school drama’s, then this one is definitely for you.

It’s very predictable but the main character is likeable and after the first 10 minutes you will feel invested in her story. I feel like Kate Walsh is now in everything. The first time I saw her was on Grey’s Anatomy, now she’s in 13 Reasons Why, Girls Trip and this. She’s fun to watch though, especially in this. She plays a really bubbly character. I think she’s a really talented actress.

It’s a missable film, it’s not that great but the characters are likeable and the story is enjoyable so if you have nothing else to watch and you’re a bit bored then put it on. It’s also something to watch if you’re wanting to do something else whilst watching it because you don’t need to be watching it all to understand what’s going on.

An okay high school film!

4 thoughts on “#Realityhigh (2017)

  1. intenttowin says:

    It was like Grey’s to me. I had to give it a bit of time to get vested in the characters. But it was interesting watching the cross-over characters, especially those that crossed to Private Practice and came back to Grey’s.

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