Landline (2017)

Plot: Set in ’90s New York, two sisters discover that their father is having an affair. However, he’s not the only cheater in the family.

Director: Gillian Robespierre

Starring: Jenny Slate, Jay Duplass, Edie Falco, John Turturro, Finn Wittrock, Jordan Carlos, Abby Quinn.

Landline - Still 2

It’s a funny film that deals with serious situations. The film has some fine actors but the person that shines the most isn’t who you’d expect. Abby Quinn plays the kid sister and she became my favourite character as soon as she came on screen. She’s a fantastic actress and I really hope she goes far because I would love to see her in more movies. She was the star of the film, in my opinion.

It’s a very satisfying and enjoyable movie. The characters are relatable and well developed. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them. It’s gentle and beautifully structured. I couldn’t really say a bad thing about this movie. Everyone needs to go and watch it, it’s fantastic.

A gripping coming of age story!


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