Left Behind (2014)

Plot: After millions of people disappear without a trace, a flight pilot must attempt to land a plane that is running on fumes, when the whole world below is in chaos.

Director: Vic Armstrong

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Cassi Thomson, Chad Michael Murray, Lea Thompson, Nicky Whelan, Jordin Sparks, Martin Klebba.


It’s a really good film but it takes a while to get into it as nothing happens for the first 30 minutes. It’s slow until it gets into the action. Once people disappear, that’s when the film gets interesting. You have the scenes that take place on the aircraft, following those people’s stories and then you have the pilot’s daughter, who is on the ground, trying to find her mother and brother, both of whom have disappeared.

There are similar films out there that follow similar premises’ and this one isn’t the best but it’s entertaining. You watch it until the end because you want to see if they do manage to land the plane and if they figure out why people have randomly disappeared.


If anyone knows what the song is that plays in the credits at the end, then please tell me what it is by leaving a comment below because I really liked it but I can’t find it anywhere online and Shazam didn’t work. So please if you know what it is let me know 🙂

An okay mystery film!


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