Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Plot: After the Kingsman are wiped out, they find solace in new ally’s the Statesman. With the world being held hostage, these two spy organisations must band together to save the human race.

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Starring: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Elton John, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal, Sophie Cookson, Edward Holcroft, Vinnie Jones, Hanna Alstrom, Poppy Delevingne.


I’ll never forget going to see the first film because I came away from the cinema feeling blown away by what I had just seen. I loved the film and its originality. Unfortunately, I felt let down by the second movie. The first one was so much better. There are aspects of the second film that were good but nothing blew me away about it. In fact, there were a lot of things that annoyed me.



First of all, Roxy dying within the first 10 minutes annoyed me because she was such a huge part of the first film. I also know that a lot of people were rooting for her to get together with Eggsy, that never happens and it’s very disappointing. I feel like she should have been a main part in the second film. She should have survived along with Eggsy.

The second thing that annoyed me was the fact that Eggsy is in a relationship with the Princess from the first film and at the end of this one, they get married. I feel like that doesn’t fit the character at all. He should have been single in this one. The relationship just wasn’t believable for me. I’m gutted. Also, him getting married means he is now a Prince. Can he still be a spy if he is a Prince?


It felt like they were trying too hard with this film. It didn’t live up to the first one and it’s a shame because the first one did so well. I will admit though, that I wasn’t bored. It’s still entertaining to watch but if you love the first movie, I don’t know how you can like the second one, it just doesn’t do it justice. The best part about the film is the cute little dogs that feature in it. Can always appreciate a cute puppy scene.


I will also say that Julianne Moore played the villain perfectly. I loved the character, she really brought her to life. She was really happy but also very sinister at the same time. Every time she came on screen, I knew something fun was going to happen and it did.

A flat follow up!


2 thoughts on “Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

  1. Ally L. Mare says:

    I would describe this movie as fun, fancy, brutal and gross. Especially on the meat machine scenes. It’s a bummer indeed that Roxy didn’t really make it in the second movie. However, depending on how they will write it, her last scene might be an indication that she managed to escape by a hair of some sort. We might see her in the next Kingsman, hopefully.

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    • KatieMai says:

      Yeah the meat scenes were particularly brutal haha. I was hoping Roxy would make an appearance towards the end of the film as it did look like she could have just made it out so hopefully she’ll come back in the third one.


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