Self/less (2015)

Plot: Damian Hale is dying from cancer so he undergoes a medical treatment called “shedding” which means his consciousness is transferred to a healthy body and he can live a new life in that body. However, he is plagued by images from the life of the man whose body he took.

Director: Tarsem Singh

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode, Michelle Dockery, Victor Garber.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 18.50.42.png

The concept is really good. What I love about films like this is that you can actually imagine a world like this with how our technology is advancing. The film makes you question if you would want to transfer into a younger body when yours begins to give up on you. Would you want to live a second life looking like someone else?

There were a lot of action sequences that were exciting to watch but the film was quite predictable. It’s entertaining but nothing new. It is a good sci fi movie but there are better ones out there.

An exciting but standard sci fi movie!


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