WTF (2017)

Plot: 3 Years after a murderous vigilante kills all of her friends, Rachel goes on a vacation with her new friends to a secluded cabin in the woods, where there is no phone signal. What could possibly go wrong?

Director: Peter Herro

Starring: Perez Hilton, Ana Dela Cruz, Andrea Hunt, Sarah Agor.


I have no idea why I subject myself to such terrible films when I know they’re going to be terrible. It’s one of those horror films that has every single stereotypical character going. It’s the same as a hundred other horror films ever told. The trailer looked rubbish but I still made myself check it out and it was as terrible as I thought it was going to be. That doesn’t mean to say it’s not fun to watch. It might have been terrible but it was entertaining.

WHen you have a horror film like this, that’s so cheap and tacky and you don’t care about any of the characters, they’re so easy to watch. I guessed the ending and I didn’t care who died or survived. However, I was entertained and I don’t regret watching it. I love horror films, even terrible ones because I can take the piss out of them.


There was some terrible acting and the film takes forever to actually kick into the good, bloody stuff. I’d recommend it to horror fans though. Just because it’s such a dumb film that you have to see it.

A predictable, stereotypical, teen horror film!


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