The Collector (2009)

Plot: Desperate for money, a family man targets a wealthy family’s home to steal money from their safe. However, he soon regrets his decision when he realises a masked murderer has turned the mansion into a death trap and is keeping the family locked inside. Will he make it out alive?

Director: Marcus Dunstan

Starring: Josh Stewart, Madeline Zima, Juan Fernández de Alarcon, Andrea Roth, Daniella Alonso, Michael Reilly Burke.


What I love about horror films that aren’t about the supernatural is the fact that they feel more realistic which makes them scarier, for me at least. I don’t believe in the supernatural so when I watch supernatural horror films, I don’t find them that scary because to me it’s not real and I know that. A film like The Collector is a real man committing crimes and causing so many horrific injuries to innocent people, that is scary. Horror films are not just about jump scares, they’re good when they play on your real life fears. Imagine a man coming into your home at night and sewing your lips together so you can’t scream for help, or imagine him nailing you to a wall. That’s scary.

This film is so intense. It takes a while to get started but after the first half an hour the real action starts and it never lets you breathe. You’re on the edge of your seat for the rest of the film, praying that the family make it.


The main character is an absolute hero. He’s there to steal from them but then ends up risking his life to save them. He could have just fought to find his own way out but instead, he stays and looks for the little girl and tries to save her and her family. He’s not a bad guy at all.

What also works about this film is that it’s not about who’s under the mask. You know throughout that you’re not going to get a big reveal because the cast is limited so it’s not going to be someone you know but that doesn’t matter. You’re just rooting for the main character.



The ending is fantastic because it ends on a cliffhanger which sets up the sequel. The masked murderer hasn’t been stopped. He’s still on the loose and he kidnaps our main character. It’s a great ending and a great film. I loved it, it’s so entertaining and bloody and gruesome. What’s not to love?

A fantastic horror film that plays to your real life fears!


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