Ozark: Season 1 (2017)

Plot: After a money-laundering scheme goes terribly wrong, Marty up routes his wife and two kids from Chicago to the Ozark’s. A summer resort. Marty has a large amount of money that he must pay off to a drug lord before he kills his family. Will Marty get the money in time?

Created By: Bill Dubuque

Starring: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Sofia Hublitz.


A lot of people were saying this show was like Breaking Bad which is what made it appeal to me. It definitely has some of the same concepts. Some of these episodes were really good but it makes you think that this was a normal family and they just got caught up with the wrong people and then their whole lives were changed forever. They’re always going to be running now.


I was quite surprised that the parents told the kids about the money-laundering and kind of got them involved. You’d expect them to want to keep them out of it but I’m glad they knew about it because it would have been a typical series where it’s all about people finding out the truth otherwise. That’s what makes this show different from Breaking Bad, in this one the whole family is in on it.


It’s only got 10 episodes so it’s an easy show to binge through and it’s the type of show that you want to binge through because you’re dying to know what happens to the characters. The mum (Laura Linney) could possibly be one of my favourite female characters from a TV show. She really annoyed me at the start when it’s revealed she was having an affair but as the episodes went on she was an inspirational woman. She was a very strong character that stood up for herself no matter what and went to extreme lengths to protect her family. Her chemistry with Jason Bateman was undeniable. They had the perfect partnership in this film and even though they had a fractured relationship at the start of the show, this nightmare of a situation, weirdly, brought them together again. In fact, I think it brought them closer than they’ve ever been.

Ozark_TV_Series-638804013-largeThe third episode from the end is a flashback episode and I think it is a vital episode because you get a lot of backstory for these characters. There isn’t really any back story until then because we’re thrown straight into the drama from the very first episode.


It’s a beautifully constructed TV show and I’d love to see a second season. However, Netflix seems to be cancelling a lot of shows these days so if it is cancelled I wouldn’t be surprised. The finale episode had so many shocking moments. There’s a scene where Marty (Jason Bateman) has his toe nails pulled off which I could barely watch. Then there is a really dramatic scene where it looks like a man is going to drown a baby, I was so angry and felt sickened but luckily he pulled the baby out of the water and it was just him Christening it. It was a great final episode and I loved the ending!

An fabulous unpredictable roller coaster ride!



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