Security (2017)

Plot: A security guard has the most eventful night on his first shift at the mall when they lose all communication with the outside world with a raging storm outside. Not only that, a young girl turns up and he must fight to protect her from the gangsters that want her dead. Will he get out alive and save the girl?

Director: Alain Desrochers

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Ben Kingsley, Gabriella Wright, Chad Lindberg, Jiro Wang.


Antonio Banderas is a childhood throwback for me because I’ve not seen him in many films but as many people will know he was in the Spy Kids films and I loved him in them. To be honest they might be the only films I’ve seen him in until this one. He definitely suits the action hero role and I really liked him in this film.

The little girl was very bright and seemed a lot older than she was with the things she’d say. I liked that, though. At first, you think she’s this scared, fragile little girl but as the film goes on she becomes a little fighter and she doesn’t actually seem that scared. She can stand up for herself which made the character likeable.


As for the film itself and the storyline, there’s many similar out there but if you’re into this stuff then you will definitely like this film. There are many likeable qualities about this film. It also stars Ben Kingsley and he’s just incredible even if he isn’t in it an awful lot, he’s amazing and I think he’s a fantastic actor as do many I’m sure.

It’s the type of film where you don’t really know everyone’s name but that’s okay because you know it’s going to be a bloody fight until the end so names don’t matter because lot’s of people are going to die anyway. The running time of 1 hour and a half makes it the perfect length because the film doesn’t have time to let up on the action and stick in boring bits. It stays action packed until the end.

It has its flaws but it’s overall entertaining!


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