1 Mile To You (2017)

Plot: After his girlfriend dies in a bus accident that also kills all his friends, a high school student learns that running helps keep his memories alive. He continues to run in order to remember his girlfriend and keep his connection with her.

Director: Leif Tilden

Starring: Anna Sophia Robb, Graham Rogers, Liana Liberato, Stefanie Scott, Billy Crudup.


I enjoyed watching the film because I liked the main character and I felt for him. However, he lost his girlfriend and his friends so he moved schools. At this new school, he meets a new girl and they end up getting together. I didn’t get that part or like that part. It didn’t feel right. I don’t think it fits in with the story. I don’t understand why they had to introduce a love interest. He lost his girlfriend and the film is about that and his ability to “see her” when he runs. The introduction of the new girl was unnecessary for me and kind of ruined it a little.


There isn’t a significant point to the film either. I don’t really think it does anything for an audience. It’s not a terrible film but I wouldn’t be the top of my recommendations list.

A missable teen drama!


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