To The Bone (2017)

Plot: Ellen is a young anorexic girl who has tried various different programmes to help her recover but none of them seems to work. Her family continue to worry about her so she tries one last approach which is a programme run by a non-traditional doctor.

Director:  Marti Noxon

Starring: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Lili Taylor, Liana Liberato.

What makes the film acceptable is the fact that it doesn’t glamorise anything. It feels like a true portrayal. If I’m honest I didn’t like the film. I found it hard to watch, which I guess it’s supposed to be. It also reduced me to tears more than once. I felt saddened once it had finished and had to cheer myself up by watching something lighter. It was really tough to watch because you know that this actually happens.


I’m glad they made the film as I think nothing like this exists and Netflix has a really good foundation to allow it to hit wider audiences. There are some fun characters and the cast are all great. For me, it’s not something I would watch again but I think the film offers hope for people who have got anorexia so there are good sides to come from the film.

Hard to watch but truthful to its subject!


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