12 Feet Deep (2016)

Plot: Two sisters get trapped beneath the fibreglass cover of a swimming pool through the night. Will they make it through the night?

Director: Matt Eskandari

Starring: Alexandra Park, Nora-Jane Noone, Tobin Bell, Diane Farr.

After one of the sisters realises her engagement ring came off in the pool, they both dive down to get it where they get stuck underneath the fibreglass. It seems a bit far fetched but if you watch it it’s kind of believable. The sisters have a lot of issues which they slowly begin to sort through throughout their time stuck in the pool.

One of the reasons I watched this film was because of Alexandra Park, who stars in The Royals which is a TV show I highly recommend. I really like her as an actress. Another reason I watched it was because of the storyline. It’s promising however, it got a bit boring in places. The story sees’s one of the sisters suffer from Diabetes which adds a little more drama as she is in desperate need of an insulin shot. The addition of the third character felt

The addition of the third character felt a bit forced. Like there needed to be something else to make this story exciting. Having said this, the film is done well. It’s simple and even though it is a bit boring in places and some aspects felt forced, it is quite enjoyable if you look past the faults.

An okay drama film!


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