Hounds Of Love (2016)

Plot: Set in the 80s, teenager Vicki is abducted by a young couple who keep her captive in their home.

Director: Ben Young

Starring: Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Susie Porter, Harrison Gilbertson, Stephen Curry.


Brutal, gritty and uncomfortable to watch. There’s a scene that involves a dog and that was the hardest bit to watch for me. I don’t mind violence against people in films, I can just about tolerate anything but when it comes to animals, I can’t stand it. I love animals more than humans, they’re too innocent and don’t deserve to be hurt. Especially the dog in this film. It angered me.

The film is constructed really well and it’s real. The characters don’t wear any makeup which makes it feel more real. They’re in a scruffy environment and wearing mucky clothes, it all felt realistic to the situation.


The acting was sensational. I couldn’t fault any of them. Overall it’s a good film and the last 20 minutes or so were extremely tense. My heart was beating so fast. It’s an unsettling film with a satisfying ending.

A well-acted film with a harrowing story!


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