A Cure for Wellness (2016)

Plot: Lockhart is sent to the Swiss Alps to retrieve his companies CEO from a “wellness centre.” He becomes suspicious of the centre when he realises something dark is going on. Discovering that nobody ever leaves the centre Lockhart wants to leave sharpish but is diagnosed with the same illness that keeps people there wanting the cure. Will he ever leave?

Director: Gore Verbinski

Starring: Dane DeHaan, Mia Goth, Celia Imrie, Adrian Schiller, Michael Mendl.

Some of the cinematography in this film was stunning. I have been to Switzerland a couple of times but I’ve never seen it look so pretty. The mountains were beautiful. There is a shot quite early on in the film where a train is going through the mountains into a tunnel and it looked so picturesque.


There is also a shot were a couple of characters enter an office and you see them through the reflection in a stuffed animals eye. That was a really cool shot. I also liked the shots involving the water glasses. They mush have been super clean because you could see so clearly through the glasses.

The film has a very cold feel to it from the start so you know it’s going to be a dark story. The grading of the film was very cold and grey. The grading and the cinematography made it feel quite eerie.


I thought the film kind of felt like Shutter Island. It had the same sort of feel. There is a massive castle type building in a secluded location in both films and a man travels there to uncover some sort of truth. However, Shutter Island is better. I thought A Cure for Wellness was mediocre. I still enjoyed it. I lost a bit of interest towards the end of the film because it has a really weird, bizarre story that takes a weird turn and the film runs for two and a half hours so I got a bit fed up.


There is a scene where they drill into Lockhart’s tooth which ultimately pulls it out. It’s absolutely vile to watch, they drill all the way through it. There is also a scene where slimy creatures go down a tube into Lockhart’s mouth and he has no choice but to swallow them. There are some really disgusting scenes which make it fun to watch. It is just a weird film that also includes a bit of incest.

There are several things I disliked about the film but a lot that I loved. You have to just embrace weird films like this or you stand no chance at enjoying them.

A bizarre but enjoyable roller-coaster of a film!


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