Money Monster (2016)

Plot: Lee Gates runs a financial network show called Money Monster which gains him lots of money. After one of his stocks crashes and costs the public a lot of money, he suffers the consequences when he is held captive live on air.

Director: Jodie Foster

Starring: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell, Dominic West, Caitriona Balfe, Emily Meade.


I really enjoyed this. It’s a very well-structured film which was a tad predictable but very entertaining. The film didn’t really have a spark. Nothing stood out particularly but if you’re just wanted to be entertained for 90 minutes then it’s definitely worth watching. I think the portrayal of the American financial situation was really good and serious.

You can’t help but feel sad for the gunman who is played by Jack O’Connell. His heart is in the right place and you can tell he’s a good man who is just trying to support his family. He lost out on a lot of money when stocks crashed and now he has nothing. He shouldn’t have got a gun and held people hostage in a TV studio but I think he felt like he had no choice.



The real bad guy is the person who rigged the computer that crashed and cost people thousands. You really route for O’Connell’s character and hope he gets out of this situation. I liked that he plucked up a relationship with the people he was holding hostage. They helped each other out in getting to the truth about where the money went and why it crashed. It was great fun to watch. I’d happily watch it again.

A decent drama film!


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