20th Century Women (2016)

Plot: Set in 1979, Dorothea is a single mother raising her adolescent son. In an era of cultural change and rebellion, she is doing her best to teach him right from wrong. She enlists the help of two young girls to help bring him up. One of the girls is a punk artist and the other is a provocative teenager.

Director: Mike Mills

Starring: Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig, Bily Crudup, Lucas Jade Zumann.

A film about raising a male feminist and the problems that come along with single parenting. A wonderful depiction of America in a crucial era where punk was on the up. All the characters are likeable. The story is engaging and relatable for many. I was hooked right from the start. It’s a fantastic watch, you won’t have seen anything like it. It’s a complex film that feels astonishingly real. It’s beautifully told.


I loved the Polaroid aesthetic. It was different and added an edgy feel to the film which fit in with the story because it was all about that time. Bening’s character even reveals that she only started smoking because it looks edgy. She smoked a hell of a lot in that film, I don’t think there was one scene where she didn’t have one in her hand.


Each character had their own story to tell and they all had space for their stories to be told. It wasn’t too crowded or rushed. It was perfect. It allowed you to get underneath all these characters and learn who they actually are. The son was my favourite character because you can see he’s just trying to do his best.

I loved the fashion and the era. I was in complete awe of the film from start to finish. It is a film that doesn’t have a definitive start middle and end but it works well. I liked the ending because it tells you what happens to each of the characters so you get closure for them all.


Honestly one of the best films I’ve seen in a while and probably one of the best one’s to come out of 2016. Definitely go and watch it because it is fantastic and beautiful.

A brilliant film with stunning performances!


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