Berlin Syndrome (2017)

Plot: A one-night stand takes a disturbing turn for Clare when she is held captive in his apartment, unable to escape.

Director: Cate Shortland

Starring: Teresa Palmer, Max Riemelt, Emma Bading.


I watched this film because I thought the premise sounded exciting and I’m a fan of Max Riemelt. I’ve seen him in Sense8 so when I saw his name in relation to this film, it appealed to me even more. However, I wasn’t a huge fan. There were a lot of slow segments that allowed me to lose interest in the story. I found it difficult to stay interested. The only reason I continued to watch was because I wanted to see how she’d escape, which was uneventful. It could have been more exciting and the running time could have been shorter.

The best part about the film is the realism and the message it sends. Do not fly to a foreign country and get into cars and go back to someone’s house who you have never met before because it could end up like this. He did seem normal but she seemed like a smart girl, I don’t understand why she had to carry on hanging out with him. She should have just carried on with her trip alone and then she might not have been held hostage.

berlin-syndrome-3 I found it quite hard to sympathise with the main character. She was very unlikeable for me. I don’t think there was enough background information on her and it was hard to get a feel for who the character was. She didn’t really have any unique or interesting qualities about her. She was a bit dry and boring. I found it hard to route for her because I didn’t really care about the character. Maybe that is because I was disengaged with the story too which didn’t help.

A missable drama film!


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