Gifted (2017)

Plot: Frank Adler is living a relatively happy life raising his young niece in Florida. However, she is a little mathematical genius and her grandmother wants custody. Being dragged through the courts by his own mother, will Frank get sole custody?

Director: Marc Webb

Starring: Chris Evans, Jenny Slate, Mckenna Grace, Octavia Spencer, Lindsay Duncan.


Everything about this film was beautiful. From the acting to the soundtrack to the story. Everything. It’s touching and it’s a story that can really hit you hard in your heart because it’s raw and realistic. It’s kind of stunning.

The film is about what is best for Mary? As an audience member, I had no idea what was best for Mary but I knew what I wanted for her. Should she go and live with her grandmother where she will be pushed to her mathematical limits and live a completely different life to other children her age, or should she live with her uncle who is trying to give her the most normal life possible? Honestly, I know she’s seven but isn’t it up to her? Yes, she’s a genius at maths but having friends her own age has got to be the best for her and if she wants to pursue maths and solve problems she can do that too. Frank wasn’t trying to stop her abilities, he just wants her to have a social life and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. My heart was with him, I rooted for him to get custody.


It’s predictable but it pulls at your heart strings and you really just want to see the story through once you start. There is a scene where Mary goes to stay with foster parents and she screams because Frank is leaving her and it brought a tear to my eye. It was such an emotional scene because you really see how much both of these characters love each other but they have to be separated and it’s devastating. You could see the betrayal she felt and the pain it was causing Frank. Neither wanted that to happen but it happened and the scene broke my heart.


You really feel for Frank because you know that all he wants is what’s best for Mary but he’s not entirely sure what that is and obviously he has to question if he is best for her because he doesn’t want to mess up her entire life. He was just trying to do his best.

I absolutely loved this film and the running time is decent. It’s entertaining and a very enjoyable watch. It can also be relatable as issues raised in this film are very much a part of the real world.

Stunning performances and a real tear-jerker!


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