Get Out (2017)

Plot: It’s time for Rose to introduce her boyfriend to her parents for the first time. The weekend takes a strange turn when Chris realises there’s something sinister occurring. Will he make it out in time?

Director: Jordan Peele

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, Caleb Landry Jones.

What’s astonishing about this film is the fact that it’s Jordan Peele’s directorial debut and yet he nailed the storyline where so many experienced filmmakers would fail. It’s perfect for his first time. Peele is a comedian-actor, yet he created, probably, one of the best horror films of our time. He did combine a fraction of comedy into the story but it wasn’t overwhelming. It worked.


The film reminded me a lot of The Stepford Wives, only a lot darker and creepier. Everything seems normal when the couple arrives at Rose’s family home. The help seem a little odd but not enough to question straight away. Then things just take really strange and odd turns. The story is absolutely riveting.


As soon as it is revealed that the mother could do hypnoses, I knew that the help had been hypnotised. However, I didn’t know just how far the story would go and it went far deeper than I imagined. All of a sudden it turns out that the parents put brains of old people into the black people that they practically abduct.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.04.12

Rose is really mesmerising to watch. I’m so glad she was played by Allison Williams because she played the character perfectly. Rose could switch her character from this lovely, warm character to this deeply disturbed robotic character in a second. It was compelling and it really creeped me out. She could be so cold.

I cannot wait for Jordan Peele to do something else. He’s a fantastic director and he should definitely do it again. This is my favourite horror film. It really is, I loved it. One thing that terrifies me, is them making a sequel. It made a lot of money at the box office so they’re obviously going to look to make more money out of it but I really hope they don’t. A prequel could work but that would anger me too. This film should be left alone, it doesn’t need a second one. It’s fantastic as it is and another could potentially just ruin it. Leave it as it is.

One of the most inventive horror films ever! A must see!


One thought on “Get Out (2017)

  1. Taptutor says:

    This film was mos def a spine chilling horror but at the same time had some extremely humorous moments, which considering the producer should have been expected. Btw, who takes racism and racial tension and can display it in such a way that can provoke us to examine the current situation in the US without hitting us over the head with it? Well, he did! Highly recommend it!

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