Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

Plot: The guardians are back together again and struggling to get along with their family set up. Peter discovers his true parentage.

Director: James Gunn

Starring: Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, Kurt Russell, Sean Gunn.

So glad I got to see this at the cinema. It was absolutely fantastic and baby Groot made the film. He was so adorable, it was like they had a little baby to look after. It broke my heart in some scenes when it shows him crying and really upset. His little face is just so tiny and cute.


The humour is back big time. They throw in laughs at the most unexpected places. There was a line that Mantis (a new character) delivers and it was taken from Despicable Me and I love it. I think she was talking about Rocket and she says he’s so cute she’s going to die. It was something like that anyway and that’s what Agnes says in the first Despicable Me film. I think it’s always nice when you’re in a cinema amongst strangers and you all burst out laughing at the same time. That’s what’s great about this film, it delivers some side-splitting moments.

I loved Kurt Russell, I think they cast him perfectly for the role but James Gunn did write the character with Russell in mind so it’s no wonder it worked so well. New character Manits was really fascinating to watch and I loved the scenes between her and Drax. It’s likely we will be seeing Mantis again. I loved Karen Gillan’s Nebula. You see a different side of her, a more human side. It’s nice to see that.


As for the soundtrack, I felt a bit let down. The first soundtrack for the first film became my favourite movie soundtrack ever and I bought it on vinyl. With this one, I don’t think I’ll be buying it. I just felt the first one was quirkier. Volume 2 doesn’t really have much of a variety.

The visual effects were insane which was expected. Everything just looks so colourful and cool. I think VFX in films can definitely make or break it and with any MCU film, they always make it.


I think it definitely lived up to the first film. I thought the plot was a bit messy because you have two villains and you don’t know how they’re going to tie it all up so you know it’s going to spread onto a third film.


The after credits scenes were so good. Nothing annoys me more than when you’re in the cinema watching a Marvel film and people leave as soon as the credits roll. Are you not a true Marvel fan? I love staying right until the end. My favourite after credit scene was the final one, with Groot. He is growing up and now he’s a stroppy teenager. It’s amusing to watch and I think it’s going to be great in the third film but I am going to miss baby Groot.

Nebula was also the star of one of the post-credits scene. She flies off to try and kill Thanos. This sets up Avengers: Infinity War as we know Thanos is going to be in it. Nebula will probably play a big part in Infinity War, if they follow the comics.


Another post-credits scene saw Kismet name a weird piece of machinery who she calls Adam. It leaves you wanting more. What is Adam?

These post-credit scenes have made me super excited for Infinity War and the third Guardians film. James Gunn has finally confirmed that he will return to write and direct the third film which I’m so happy about, I do not want anyone else to write or direct it. They’re his films and if it does end up as a trilogy, it would be nice if all three were by him. It’s likely that it is going to happen but when? Films from 2020 haven’t been confirmed yet. The next phase in the MCU after phase three is called post-phase three and Spider-Man Homecoming 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are in development. That’s all we know at this stage.

I will also say, I can’t believe Sylvester Stallone was in this film. I really had no idea he was going to make an appearance. I saw his name in the credits at the beginning and I was shocked. He didn’t have a massive role though but it was a pleasant surprise.

I can’t wait for a third film. These are the most out there and visually pleasing marvel films, in my opinion. They’re different from your usual Thor or Captain America story.

The film has fantastic thrills and humour! 


3 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

  1. Ally L. Mare says:

    I’m sure Sylvester Stallone will became more apparent on the third movie! I really like the movie and the soundtrack really took you to the past. I love their character development and somehow I really like Drax because he can be deep.

    The post credit scene that I like the most..


    Teenager Groot!

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