Love (Season 2)

Plot: Season two continues to follow the lives of Gus and Mickey as they enter the dating stage into their relationship. The show is an honest tale of dating and relationships.

Year: 2017

Created By: Judd Apatow, Paul Rust, Lesley Arfin.

Starring: Gillian Jacobs, Paul Rust, Briga Heelan, Steve Bannos.


Absolutely hilarious. I think I find it a little funnier than I should. There’s a line in one of the earlier episodes where Mickey quotes Christina Aguilera’s song Beautiful and Gus says it back to her and the way he did it was just at an inappropriate time which made it hilarious. It was just brilliant. He really makes me laugh out loud. The show really makes you feel good. These characters often mess up and it’s just an honest and truthful representation of normal people. It’s so relatable.

Episode four, where they all take mushrooms was great fun to watch. I thought it was very sweet when Gus took the rest of the mushrooms so that Mickey wouldn’t take it. Even if it was stupid, his heart was in the right place. I think that was the first episode where you can see that he’s smitten with her.


Episode five, where they end up at the beach is my favourite episode from the season. The episodes where they’re just about the two main characters are my favourite because as much as the supportive cast are fun, I only really care about Gus and Mickey so it’s nice when it’s just the two of them.

I felt the show managed to execute their relationship really well because you see them becoming closer and closer and then you start to see the issues and the cracks. It’s really realistic. The episodes where their relationship becomes strained and they argue are upsetting. I don’t want them to argue, they’re too cute together. The show also balances the drama with the comedy really well. Neither genre overbalances the other.


I hated the fact Mickey got with her ex when Gus was away. I kind of knew it would happen but it was so annoying.  I feel bad for Gus but the season ended where Mickey finally makes it official with Gus. It’s about time!

Season three has been confirmed so I’m really excited because they’re official so I wonder what they’ll get up to next. This show is so easy to watch and you can binge it within a day. I love it so much.

You can watch Love season two on Netflix now!


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