XX (2017)

Plot: Four horror films rolled into one, all directed by female directors. The four films are called: The Box, The Birthday Party, Don’t Fall and Her Only Living Son.

Director: Karyn Kusama, St. Vincent, Jovanka Vuckovic, Roxanne Benjamin.


Starring: Natalie Brown, Melanie Lynskey, Christina Kirk, Angela Trimbur, Sheila Vand, Lindsay Burdge, Peter DaCunha, Mike Doyle, Peyton Kennedy.

Horror is a male dominated genre but these four films are a sign of empowerment and a hugh statement. Four horror films that are directed by females, even if they are all shorts, they’re perfectly constructed and groundbreaking. This film makes way for other female directors to get into horror. Raw, the famous French horror film, was directed by a female. I feel like female directors are finally coming through, even if it is just one genre. It’s finally happening. I really do hope these females continue to make films because the four films in XX were highly entertaining.


The Box and The Birthday party were my favourite out of the four. They’re so sinister and kind of creepy. They were based on realistic fears in real life which makes the films even more powerful. Don’t Fall and Her Only Living Son were still very good shorts but I prefered the other two. They all acheive a sense of black comedy mixed with a sense of dread and horror.


As well as them all being directed by female directors, they all starred a main female protagonist. The films highlight some of the problems in ordinary lives. This is specifically portrayed in the first two films. Don’t Fall and Her Only Living Son felt less realistic but they still worked and they are enjoyable.


Sofia Carrillo animated the stop-motion pieces that blend these four tales together and I think that was the creepiest part, to be honest. It was very strange yet interesting. The whole one hour 20 minutes running time consists of uniqueness. It has a sense of fresh quality about it.

A very different film that has the ability to be groundbreaking!




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