White Men Can’t Jump

Plot: Billy Hoyle begins to play basketball with a group of people. Being the only white man on the court, he is told white men can’t jump, meaning he can’t reach the basket to swing from it after dunking the ball through it.

Year: 1992

Director: Ron Shelton

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez and Tyra Ferrell.


I absolutely loved this film. To say most of it takes place on a basketball court, the dialogue was particularly entertaining. Which it needed to be because of the pace of the film which was fairly slow. If the dialogue was boring then I think the whole film would have been missable.

Seeing Woody Harrelson so young and in such a laid back role was quite refreshing. I’ve never seen him in something this old before but I loved every minute of seeing him on screen. He is a joy to watch. I also loved the character he played because he is just a clueless male that is trying to pay the bills. The characters in this film were relatable for sure. The partnership between the two main characters was warming.


The film is quite comical at times with the energy on screen radiating off screen. I hope people don’t look at this film and think it’s racist because it’s honestly such a joy to watch. It’s excitingly entertaining. I mean, I understand why people would find it racist but hopefully you can look past that.

Rating: 7/10.



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