Plot: After her marriage dissolves and her mother dies, Cheryl goes on a destructive path. Deciding to sort her life out she sets out on a mission to heal herself. She does this by hiking 1000 miles.

Year: 2014

Director: Jean Marc-Valée

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern and Gabby Hoffmann.

To say the film is about a woman who goes on an extremely long walk, it wasn’t at all boring. In fact it was very entertaining. With the use of flashbacks, the film tells the story of her destructive past, we see everything that has lead to her being on this journey. The bag she carried on this walk looked extremely heavy, she could barely lift it, I don’t understand how she was able to walk those first few hundred miles.


The flashbacks included lots of swearing, lots of sex and the use of heroin. She made quite a mess of her life. It kind of keeps you guessing because for a while, you don’t know what she’s done that’s lead her to do what she wants to do and that’s why it’s intriguing. Even once you find out, there’s more story to be told and by this point, you’re fully invested.

It’s really inspiring because she never gives up. Even if all the odds are against her, she still carries on. It’s a beautiful story and the ending was very satisfying. It wasn’t rushed or forced, the ending felt very natural and real. It’s a film that will make you smile and feel good at the end. Very heart-warming and honestly, quite moving.

Rating: 7/10.



2 thoughts on “Wild

  1. jakeowensby says:

    This film deeply moved me. The book even more so. Cheryl Strayed sees life with clear yet gracious eyes. Her book Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of some of her “Dear Sugar” posts. It’s terrific. Thanks for these reviews!

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