Even Lambs Have Teeth

Plot: After two girls are kidnapped, tortured and raped, they seek revenge the only way they know how, with extreme violence.

Year: 2015

Director: Terry Miles

Starring: Kirsten Prout, Tiera Skovbye, Craig March, Michael Karl Richards, Garrett Black and Christian Sloan.

Absolutely one of the weirdest and most messed up films I have ever seen but that is why it is so fantastic. It’s so different from anything you will have seen. It’s obvious that it is low budget but you literally can’t tear your eyes away from the screen. It is completely bizarre.

The revenge that the girls took out on the guys was horrific and they definitely took it too far. I don’t know how they ever went back to that place, surely after enduring all that they just wanted to get to safety and get the police on them. Now they’re the criminals. Some of the characters in the film were actually insane and completely twisted, I was so creeped out by them. They were fully crazy. Check out this scene below:

The ending was a bit confusing as well. Did their families know what happened to them? I really don’t know. The film was very entertaining and very fast paced. There were a lot of plot holes but the shocking moments that the film delivers makes it worth the watch.

Rating: 6/10.



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