Apple Tree Yard

Plot: Apple Tree Yard is a British TV show that was adapted from a novel of the same name by Louise Doughty. It follows the life of a middle-aged woman who begins an affair with a mystery man.

Year: 2017

Creator: Louise Doughty

Starring: Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Mark Bonnar, Steven Elder, Susan Lynch and Kezia Burrows.

This post contains spoilers!

It is a four episode thriller show that is actually quite shocking. The first episode felt quite forced. The relationship began pretty quickly and with no real reason for it. It just didn’t feel realistic. They met and five minutes later they were having sex. The connection just wasn’t believable for me. However, as the show went on it improved. I wasn’t completely hooked after the first episode but because it was only four episodes, I thought I’d continue and see what happens. The most shocking part of episode one was the rape at the end. It was so unexpected, I had no idea the show was going to go in that direction.


After the second episode aired, I was still unsure of the show. It was good but it wasn’t amazing. I could have stopped watching it quite easily. It was the main character, played by Emily Watson, I just couldn’t take a liking to her. I felt sorry for her after her ordeal but she started an affair and things weren’t even that bad at home. Her husband also had an affair but why did she have to stoop to his lever. Just be the better person and leave him or give him a second chance and don’t cheat on him. The character was just a bit annoying for me.

The third episode is when her whole family find out about the rape and she is charged with the murder of her rapist. Again, I had no idea that there was going to be a murder. The best part about the show is the twists that they throw in there.


Episode four is where the real bombshell is delivered. We finally reach a verdict in the court about the murderer of her rapist and she is cleared of murder and manslaughter. However, it is later revealed that she told her lover that she wanted him to kill her rapist so really it kind of was her fault that he’s dead. It was quite shocking and it was also shocking that her lover had a personality disorder.

The show really highlights the fact that even those closest to us could be someone completely different to what we once thought. Do we ever really know anyone?

Rating: 6/10.


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