Coin Heist

Plot: A group of unlikely school students, all in horrible situations, decide to rob the U.S. Mint, which is where they print coins.

Year: 2017

Director: Emily Hagins

Starring: Blanche Baker, Peter Benson, Sasha Pieterse and Jay Walker.

This film was released on Netflix on the 6th of January. It sounded quite promising but unfortunately, I found it a little boring. I knew some of the cast from TV shows which is why I decided to watch it. If you’re a teenager, then this film is probably going to be your thing. The story was just a little un-exciting. It’s a film that shouldn’t be taken seriously because it is so far-fetched it’s ridiculous. It’s very unrealistic.


The best part about the film is the acting. It’s a quite a young cast with actors who have only been in TV shows and not done a lot of movies so I have to praise them. The director, who is a female, did a great job. I did find it boring but that’s just my opinion, I think the film has a lot of potentials and I can see why some people would really enjoy it.

Rating: 4/10.


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