Boy Meets Girl

Plot: A transgender woman dreams of becoming a designer in New York.

Year: 2014

Director: Eric Schaeffer

Starring: Michelle Hendley, Michael Welch, Eric Schaeffer, Alexandra Turshen and Michael Gilante.


This film is an odd one because it didn’t really have a set plot and a way that it was heading. What happened at the end with the main characters was way too predictable but also felt forced because it was kind of out of the blue, especially on the woman’s side. I really didn’t like the main character, she seemed very bossy and like she wanted to control everything.

It’s not a film I would watch again or recommend. The ending is the best part and not because it was finishing but because of the message. It was a very important message and everyone should see it. I would recommend just skipping to the end to see that last part.

Rating: 4/10


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