Good Behaviour

Plot: Letty Raines is a con artist fresh out of prison and wants to reunite with her 10-year-old son. However, she struggles to stay clean and finds ways to steal things at ever opportunity. This leads her into the path of a hitman and they begin a dangerous rollercoaster of a relationship.

It is a seductive drama TV show.

Began: 2016

Created By: Blake Crouch and Chad Hodge

Starring: Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego Botto, Terry Kinney and Lusia Strus.


I binged watched this entire season in like a day. It’s so entertaining and I love the two main characters. There’s so much backstory to them and development across the 10 episodes. I don’t really know what anchors the show and I think that’s its biggest downfall. It’s a show that follows the life of a female as she struggles with her addiction but she’s all over the place and the relationship she forms with a hitman, is it legit? It seems legit at the end of the show but they’re very up and down.


The show is very unpredictable which makes it exciting. You don’t really know what direction it’s going to head in. I don’t really understand why she wants to be with a hitman and why she wan’s her son around a hitman but she does. He’s a really nice guy and he won’t kill anyone he’s not paid to kill but still, he has killed people and that’s probably gonna catch up with him one day.

I loved the ending to the season, it was a happy ending but with a little bit of an oh no because as Letty, Javier and her son were driving away, you begin to hear sirens in the background. So will Javier be going to prison? I guess we’ll find out if it returns for a second season. I really hope it does, I loved this show.


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