La La Land

Plot: Sebastian and Mia continuously run into each other. They begin a love affair as they both chase what they love in life. However, their desire to achieve their dreams threaten to tear them apart.

Year: 2016

Director: Damien Chazelle

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and John Legend.

Absolutely breathtaking! From the performances to the visuals. This is without a doubt Chazelle’s baby and he should be so proud because it delivered in every which way. It’s the type of film that will stay with you forever. I felt a sense of Whiplash in this film which was also a film directed by Damien Chazelle. This isn’t a bad thing because Whiplash was an outstanding movie as well but if you didn’t know they were by the same directors, I think you’d be able to guess.


My favourite scene in this movie was the one with the pool party and Gosling’s character Sebastian was in a band and Mia asked him to play a song because it’s the first moment in the movie where we see him actually pay attention to her. It was a really fun scene and he was dressed in the most absurd things. Of course, there were several other scenes that were amazing but this one is quite an important one I think.

It was so vibrant. The colours took centre stage in all of the scenes. The fashion was really inspiring. The costume and design team did an excellent job with the settings and dressing the characters to fit the scenes.


You can tell how hard the actors worked in this movie and it really paid off. It was so believable that it became unbelievable. Ryan Gosling made the effort to actually learn to play the piano and he was just stunning. They both learnt to dance and they were so in key with each other that it was refreshing. I can not praise them enough for the effort they put into making this film.

The visuals were something else. They were so satisfying and beautiful. The special effects were so realistic, it really brought the film to life. Some of the scenery shots were beautiful too. The music was also something to admire. Not just the songs that were sung but the jazz music too. It was all great to listen to.



I loved the characters and found myself fully invested in them. One good thing about the movie is how unpredictable it is. You expect these characters who are completely in love to end up together but they don’t and it actually broke my heart a little bit. At the end of the film, it reveals that Mia has a husband and a daughter. The film then goes back through everything the main characters have gone through and takes us on another journey. A journey where they both end up together and in that moment I felt robbed. We’d watched this film that was over two hours long and none of it happened. I felt that it was pointless. However, it then revealed that that was just an alternative sequence it didn’t actually happen. The characters don’t end up together at the end of the film.


The film is sad in a sense that the two main characters who you spend the whole time routeing for don’t end up together but also it’s kind of a happy ending because they made their dreams come true. I think it teaches us a lesson that what’s meant to be is meant to be and things will fall in align. Sometimes when we want something so badly we have to let go of important people. It’s realistic because not everyone ends up together in the real world and that’s what’s good about the film. It is realistic and portrays real life problems so people/audiences can relate to it.

It’s an absolutely fantastic film and it deserves all the awards it gets. I’m dying to see it again already. I also hope Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star in a fourth film together because I actually adore them both and their chemistry is sizzling. It’s a must-see film.

Rating: 10/10.


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